Kids Rescued from Electrified Pool

Florida Children Shocked by Pool Caught on Tape

TORONTO – Three kids in Florida were badly injured after the pool they were swimming in became electrified last month.

The incident happened at a condo in Hialeah, about 30 minutes northwest of Miami. Surveillance video released Thursday shows how terrifying the ordeal was.

A girl is seen splashing and playing in the pool. She touches the metal rail on the stairs and her body is thrown back into the water, unable to let go of the railing from the electric current running through her.

A man sitting on the steps grabs the girl and quickly pulls her body out of the water, getting shocked in the process.

Another child is left alone in the water paralyzed by the current before her grandfather runs over and flings her limp body onto the area outside of the pool.

A third child not shown on the video was also hurt and had to be rescued from the water.

All three children were hospitalized for four days.

City inspectors believe the pool pump malfunctioned, causing the water to become electrified because it was improperly grounded.

A teenager in the City of Mandaluyong in the Philippines died Thursday after being electrocuted in a pool and in April another child in Florida died after being electrocuted by a faulty pool light.

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