Nicola Tesla

TESLA is by far the most amazing and important person that they didn’t teach us about in history class. He invented A/C current, fluorescent lights, x rays, radio and hundreds of other world changing inventions. Among his most epic work was a wireless energy tower that would have supplied the world with free energy.

Inventions and Experiments of Nicola Tesla

In honor of Nikola Tesla’s birthday today, I figured I’d share one of my favorite websites dedicated to him. Make sure you have a read through this if you haven’t already. The world would be VASTLY different than it is today if his work hadn’t been stonewalled, buried or stolen by greedy bankers and corporate leeches. If they hadn’t destroyed the Free Energy tower he built in 1917 citing ‘national security concerns’, our GRANDPARENTS would have been the last people in existence that paid an energy bill or for things like gasoline. Can you imagine that? Not only would he have ended our dependence on fossil fuels, but he would have given us technology like wireless electricity, worldwide wifi, anti-gravity and even teleportation. (If you think I’m just kidding or exaggerating, then RESEARCH because I’m not. As JP Morgan once said ”If everyone can draw on the power, then where do we put the meter?” All they cared about was corporate profits back then, just like they still do today.

Nikola Tesla- Why he was the greatest geek that ever lived:

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