Engineers Without Borders BCIT sanctioned as chapter initiative

Congratulations to Engineers Without Borders BCIT (EWB BCIT), now officially recognized as a Chapter Initiative by EWB Canada. As a result of this recognition, the student club now has access to the support and branding of the national organization.

EWB BCIT is a group of faculty and students working together to understand the challenges of international development.

“EWB is not just for engineers only,” reads the club’s mandate. “We believe that all faculties can equally contribute to international development.” The club aims to offer an environment where members can contribute to positive change, develop leadership skills and take action in the fight in extreme poverty.

The club hosted a Fair Trade Fair on October 30 in the Great Hall (see photos, below).

BCIT EWB fairtradefair-bcit-publicposter
EWB IMG_8253
EWB IMG_8261
EWB IMG_8262
EWB IMG_8263




EWB BCIT intends to address the problems facing people both locally and abroad by leveraging the skills, talents, and passions of BCIT students and staff. Their members come from all engineering and arts backgrounds, sharing the desire to do meaningful work in improving the lives of others through creative, sustainable, engineering solutions.


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